Simple Cup


This is my first attempt at creating something in a 3d modelling program – a simple cup. I am very excited about the possibilities of 3d modelling, anything seems possible! Following a tutorial, I created a 3d cylinder, and then handle, shaped them, attached the two, used some ‘material’ effects and positioned the camera and lighting, and then rendered it.

I’m using some free software called Blender. So I plan to learn how to do a bit more modelling over the next few months or so, and then I’ll work out how to incorporate the Chinese characters so I can keep to the theme of CamZhu. Unfortunately, I have no Chinese character for cup and wouldnt know how to incorporate one into the software at this stage anyway!

The blender software is very powerful so as-well as rendering images from 3d models (as I have done here) it can make animations and 3d environments, all very intriguing! I feel this cup represents the beginning of something awesome!