Zen Pebbles Heap

This is a heap of pebbles with the ground and sky as a background. Only the top two pebbles are balanced with the character Chan meaning Zen or Peace of Mind painted onto the top one. To me this piece of art generally represents that there must be foundations in life but even if they are just a heap of stones/pebbles if you have peace of mind or peacefulness you will be able to be secure.

Its quite a heavy creation, with the heap of pebbles being quite dark and weighty. On a personal level I guess this represents the seriousness of what I’m getting involved with at the moment in the real world i.e. lifelong commitment to another human being. That’s marriage. I’ve now got just over two months and then I’ll be a married man!

In terms of how I created this it was cloning the original pebble and then transforming the shape and angle and repainting the lighting. The background was straight forward.