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Nostalgia and Positive Benefits

What exactly is nostalgia? The word itself is formed of the Greek νόστος (nóstos), meaning “homecoming” and ἄλγος (álgos), meaning “pain” or “ache”. However, in contemporary use, the word doesn’t necessarily mean a painful yearning for home. Nostalgia is actually one of my favourite feelings. Although likened by many to a melancholy, I always feel it as a positive thing. It Read more about Nostalgia and Positive Benefits[…]

Prayer Mound

No-self : Interpretation of the Buddhist Idea of No Soul

No-self as a Concept Pretty much a decade ago, I read a book called ‘What the Buddha taught’ whilst travelling in Malaysia and the impact is still with me. While I’m not a practising Buddhist now, certain ideas have had a significant impact on my thought processes. Two notions, in particular, struck me as very Read more about No-self : Interpretation of the Buddhist Idea of No Soul[…]

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Alleviating Mental Suffering (using ideas from Buddhism)

Mental Suffering Alleviating mental suffering is something we spend our entire lives working on. I have previously posted about drawing on ancient philosophies and ideas to write about good mental health practices and this post forms part of that arc. It is my contention here that the Buddhist ideas surrounding mental practices and how to live Read more about Alleviating Mental Suffering (using ideas from Buddhism)[…]