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Captain Your Own Ship : Never give up on your Friends

Thanks mainly to a positive comment I recently found a YouTube Channel of an Amsterdam based spoken word artist called Vino Venitas. For one thing, it has reminded me of the creativity of exploring a poetic voice. For another, a certain video of his has inspired me to write about self-belief and the importance of Read more about Captain Your Own Ship : Never give up on your Friends[…]

Wild River

Nature versus Technology – Mindfulness, Acceptance, Peace

The idea of nature versus the human and technological realm is deep-rooted in many contemporary ways of thinking. These ideas suppose that there is a separate and distinguishable realm of nature from that of human activity; that cities are unnatural, that humans live technologically enhanced lives, predominantly in cities and large settlements (rather than in tribal Read more about Nature versus Technology – Mindfulness, Acceptance, Peace[…]

Chinese Cup

Finding Inspiration

Outlook on Life There are various answers to the question of whether the glass is half full or half empty, my favourite being ‘It depends what’s in it’. The main purpose of the question is basically are you more of an optimistic or pessimistic person. I have previously touched upon needing to persist with projects Read more about Finding Inspiration[…]

Temple Lion

Book Promotion and Finding Balance

Promotion In this post, I want to talk about balance in life and how I am finding promoting my work. Promotion is as hard as working on the manuscript, if not harder. As a self-published writer (I’m not sure I’d call myself an author yet) I have a product, which is currently an ebook called Transiting, but Read more about Book Promotion and Finding Balance[…]

Vietnamese Highway

Excerpt from my new book ‘Transiting’

Transiting I’ve recently self-published a travel memoir of a six-month solo trip through South-East Asia on a few online platforms and now I’m getting the word out. The book is called Transiting and is 124 pages long, so a 2 – 3 hour read for the average reader. The events in the book take place Read more about Excerpt from my new book ‘Transiting’[…]

Persistence and Motivation

Persistence and Motivation

Persistence Following on from my thoughts on having mental strength in tough times, I have come to realise that persistence is key in life. It is key not only in the face of adversity but in terms of increasing one’s chance of success overall. Persistence is one mental facet that unites successful authors, artists, athletes, Read more about Persistence and Motivation[…]

Buddhist Army

Mental Strength in Tough Times

Inspiration in Tough Times It seems these days one never has to look far to find a source of inspiration. With so much of the world’s collective knowledge at our fingertips, we can find the biographies of heroes and heroines within minutes. My latest finding is the American poet, memoirist and civil rights activist Maya Angelou. Read more about Mental Strength in Tough Times[…]


Language Learning : My Experience of Chinese

Language Learning Certain individuals are blessed with brains that can pick up a new language with ease. They take to new vocabularies and sentence structures like their neural networks are made for assimilating a further way of communication. Vocabulary just comes to them through hearing sounds and foreign words seem to make sense in a Read more about Language Learning : My Experience of Chinese[…]

Vang Vieng Laos

Nostalgia and Positive Benefits

What exactly is nostalgia? The word itself is formed of the Greek νόστος (nóstos), meaning “homecoming” and ἄλγος (álgos), meaning “pain” or “ache”. However, in contemporary use, the word doesn’t necessarily mean a painful yearning for home. Nostalgia is actually one of my favourite feelings. Although likened by many to a melancholy, I always feel it as a positive thing. It Read more about Nostalgia and Positive Benefits[…]

Prayer Mound

No-self : Interpretation of the Buddhist Idea of No Soul

No-self as a Concept Pretty much a decade ago, I read a book called ‘What the Buddha taught’ whilst travelling in Malaysia and the impact is still with me. While I’m not a practising Buddhist now, certain ideas have had a significant impact on my thought processes. Two notions, in particular, struck me as very Read more about No-self : Interpretation of the Buddhist Idea of No Soul[…]

Stones on Coloured background

Alleviating Mental Suffering (using ideas from Buddhism)

Mental Suffering Alleviating mental suffering is something we spend our entire lives working on. I have previously posted about drawing on ancient philosophies and ideas to write about good mental health practices and this post forms part of that arc. It is my contention here that the Buddhist ideas surrounding mental practices and how to live Read more about Alleviating Mental Suffering (using ideas from Buddhism)[…]