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Vang Vieng Laos

Nostalgia and Positive Benefits

What exactly is nostalgia? The word itself is formed of the Greek νόστος (nóstos), meaning “homecoming” and ἄλγος (álgos), meaning “pain” or “ache”. However, in contemporary use, the word doesn’t necessarily mean a painful yearning for home. Nostalgia is actually one of my favourite feelings. Although likened by many to a melancholy, I always feel it as a positive thing. It Read more about Nostalgia and Positive Benefits[…]

Prayer Mound

No-self : Interpretation of the Buddhist Idea of No Soul

No-self as a Concept Pretty much a decade ago, I read a book called ‘What the Buddha taught’ whilst travelling in Malaysia and the impact is still with me. While I’m not a practising Buddhist now, certain ideas have had a significant impact on my thought processes. Two notions, in particular, struck me as very Read more about No-self : Interpretation of the Buddhist Idea of No Soul[…]

Stones on Coloured background

Alleviating Mental Suffering (using ideas from Buddhism)

Mental Suffering Alleviating mental suffering is something we spend our entire lives working on. I have previously posted about drawing on ancient philosophies and ideas to write about good mental health practices and this post forms part of that arc. It is my contention here that the Buddhist ideas surrounding mental practices and how to live Read more about Alleviating Mental Suffering (using ideas from Buddhism)[…]

Nemesis Ride

Confidence Trick : Trust and the Online Nemesis

A Confidence Trick The internet can be an unnerving and wicked entity, and I’m saying that without even having ventured onto the notorious Dark Web. A couple of weeks ago I paid the equivalent of five dollars to list my blog on a blog directory called Blogarama only to find (almost a week later) that Read more about Confidence Trick : Trust and the Online Nemesis[…]


Failures : Embracing the Past and the Opinions of Others

A Scene on the Tube This week on the tube I saw an amusing situation. I was on my way to work on the Bakerloo line. It wasn’t crowded and the door between the two carriages was swinging open and making a loud metallic clanging noise when it swung back. In all, there were about Read more about Failures : Embracing the Past and the Opinions of Others[…]

Needle Building

The Internet Society and You

Rise of the Internet Society There has been a subtle and profound change in the nature of relationships between people within society. I want to talk briefly about how this may be affecting us as people; essentially what the rise of the internet society and use of social media means for the likes of me and Read more about The Internet Society and You[…]

Temple Door Knocker

Stopping Procrastination Through Practicing Gumption

Procrastination The word procrastination has its routes in the Latin words ‘pro’ (forward) and ‘crastinus’ (belonging to tomorrow) so it literally means putting things off until tomorrow. Making a habit of procrastination is harmful to productivity as it’s likely that whatever is being put off is something that needs to be done for a reason. Generally Read more about Stopping Procrastination Through Practicing Gumption[…]

Antigua Volcano

Ambitions of the Past and Orienting your Future

Working towards Goals Sometimes in life, it is fine to muddle through, to relax and to cruise, but there are certain points when one needs to take control. Part of taking control means knowing where you are headed. There is a lot of material written on the psychology of goal setting and this is not Read more about Ambitions of the Past and Orienting your Future[…]


Recognizing Good Fortune

Today is known as Blue Monday. This is apparently as it is roughly two weeks out of the festive season but still two weeks until the end of January. For me, I’m still catching up with people who I didn’t see during the winter celebrations, which is fun and has been full of surprises. Most Read more about Recognizing Good Fortune[…]

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Revitalising Projects (using SWOT)

Having various projects running over long periods of time can mean things fall by the wayside once the going gets tough or the novelty of newness wears off. I’ve found from my own experience that I will take up new interests, devote massive amounts of time and energy to them for several weeks or months Read more about Revitalising Projects (using SWOT)[…]