Hamsa Hand Mandala

Early Parenting and the Importance of Coincidences

We all have an internal ranking system where we put the happenings in our lives into hierarchies of importance to us, which includes rating the profundity of certain events. Specific and circumstantial happenings come to determine how we structure the narratives we use to present ourselves to the world. They also influence decisions of how[…]

New Day Pattern

Being where you are and Incremental Improvement

An Extra Day This week just gone by, I felt like I needed an extra day to get everything done. I was toying with the idea and wondered what such a day would be called. I settled on the rather boring name ‘Newday’, and decided it would come after Friday, and could mostly be part of the[…]

Shadows in Park

Entering Parenthood and a New Mindfulness

Today marked one calendar month since the birth of my firstborn son. It’s been a ride so far, up and down, peaks and troughs, a blur of broken sleep and an overload of chores. The first two weeks were certainly the most challenging – in and out of two different hospitals as the poor baby had[…]

Street Art

Absorbing the Content of Others to Inspire Creative Sparks

One way of fueling your own creativity is to actively seek out and absorb creative content. Nowadays, I have found it is very easy to scroll through social media occasionally interacting with something pretty or eye-catching. This is kind of not enough for me, and so, without venturing past my keyboard, I have attempted to[…]


Reductionist Quotes, Social Media and the Loneliness Survey

Reductionist Quotes A couple of things have piqued my interest in the self-help industry recently and started me thinking of taking more care with my online content. One is that I have begun using my Twitter account a bit more frequently to promote my various digitally-based activities. Twitter is awash with quotations from famous historical[…]

Love heart love you

Motivation for doing the Best for Ones Children

My last post was a reflective one and I’ve been thinking about other formative experiences I have had that set me on the course leading to where I am now. On a personal level, I am also probably seeking to reassure myself that I’ll make at least an ok parent. The Children’s Project I have been[…]

Vietnamese Highway

My Thoughts on Hitching a Ride

On rare occasions whilst driving around the UK, one sees lone people at the roadside, typically near service stations. They are identifiable as hitchhikers by their ragtag appearance, huge backpacks and cardboard placards, on which is usually scrawled a destination so far away as to think unreachable in any reasonable time. They raise a multitude[…]

Vajra Symbol

The 25 to 5 Process and Selling Content

The 25 to 5 Process A few weeks ago I encountered a new method for cutting out the clutter of one’s life. By narrowing down your focus, it is possible to see what you really want. The method is Warren Buffet’s 25 to 5 process, helpfully explained by this video;     I recently went[…]

Cornish Sunset

Taking Stock of Changes : Where I am at in August 2018

Changes Afoot There are significant changes afoot in my life and I thought I would write a blog post to try and get a handle on where I am at mentally. I am not overly concerned that I cannot or will not be able to cope in the near future, I just realise I have hardly[…]


Captain Your Own Ship : Never give up on your Friends

Thanks mainly to a positive comment I recently found a YouTube Channel of an Amsterdam based spoken word artist called Vino Venitas. For one thing, it has reminded me of the creativity of exploring a poetic voice. For another, a certain video of his has inspired me to write about self-belief and the importance of[…]

Wild River

Nature versus Technology – Mindfulness, Acceptance, Peace

The idea of nature versus the human and technological realm is deep-rooted in many contemporary ways of thinking. These ideas suppose that there is a separate and distinguishable realm of nature from that of human activity; that cities are unnatural, that humans live technologically enhanced lives, predominantly in cities and large settlements (rather than in tribal[…]