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Motto and Advice

Forgive the Past, Believe in the Future

Friendly advice can come from a whole range of sources. In a world saturated with images and messages it is important to recognize the most useful sources of advice are often closer to home than we think. The Power of the Journal I don’t often keep journals but I am aware of the power of Read more about Forgive the Past, Believe in the Future[…]

China Temple

Lessons from Ancient Chinese Philosophy

The day to day experience of life has changed dramatically over the last two thousand years but the realities of human existence have not. Over the coming months I will be working on an undertaking to convey what I think are important lessons from ancient oriental texts. What Lessons? I have a particular interest in issues Read more about Lessons from Ancient Chinese Philosophy[…]

Chan on Colours

Basic Colour Flower Mandala

Whilst looking through some old tutorial materials of Aaron Rutten I came across a video which involved colouring a line drawing of a Mandala. A Mandala is a circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. Inspired by the possibilities and liking the underlying meaning I’ve created some line art and coloured it in using Painter. Read more about Basic Colour Flower Mandala[…]


[kad_youtube url=”” width=300 height=200 ]   I felt like I was making a lot of progress whilst I was working on this but the final result is less exciting than I thought it would be. This may be as the previous animations I made used what is called the Cycles rendering engine in Blender which Read more about Flames[…]

Animated Clock

Clock Animation

[kad_youtube url=”” width=300 height=200 ]   I followed another tutorial by Little Web Hut and made a very short clip of this animated clock. It was useful learning how to animate things in general. The main problem with creating this was that two seconds of animation of not great quality took 15 minutes for my Read more about Clock Animation[…]