Failures : Embracing the Past and the Opinions of Others

A Scene on the Tube This week on the tube I saw an amusing situation. I was on my way to work on the Bakerloo line. It wasn’t crowded and the door between the two carriages was swinging open and making a loud metallic clanging noise when it swung back. In all, there were about Read more about Failures : Embracing the Past and the Opinions of Others[…]

Temple Door Knocker

Stopping Procrastination Through Practicing Gumption

Procrastination The word procrastination has its routes in the Latin words ‘pro’ (forward) and ‘crastinus’ (belonging to tomorrow) so it literally means putting things off until tomorrow. Making a habit of procrastination is harmful to productivity as it’s likely that whatever is being put off is something that needs to be done for a reason. Generally Read more about Stopping Procrastination Through Practicing Gumption[…]

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Ambitions of the Past and Orienting your Future

Working towards Goals Sometimes in life, it is fine to muddle through, to relax and to cruise, but there are certain points when one needs to take control. Part of taking control means knowing where you are headed. There is a lot of material written on the psychology of goal setting and this is not Read more about Ambitions of the Past and Orienting your Future[…]


Recognizing Good Fortune

Today is known as Blue Monday. This is apparently as it is roughly two weeks out of the festive season but still two weeks until the end of January. For me, I’m still catching up with people who I didn’t see during the winter celebrations, which is fun and has been full of surprises. Most Read more about Recognizing Good Fortune[…]

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Early Morning Musings – Progress, Changes and Dreams

    Progress   2017 has passed merrily into the void of the past and the first week of 2018 is already drawing to a close. I have started keeping a journal again and the process of reflecting on each day is already showing its benefits. I was given the actual journal itself as a Read more about Early Morning Musings – Progress, Changes and Dreams[…]

Creativity and Dealing with Creative Block

Recognizing Creative Block Sometimes creativity flows out of us like its a kind of energy we are channelling. We put pen to paper, paintbrush to canvas or plectrum to guitar and bring to life something new, novel, exciting. This feels like the highest form of creativity, getting lost in the moment, forgetting everything else and Read more about Creativity and Dealing with Creative Block[…]

Motto and Advice

Forgive the Past, Believe in the Future

Friendly advice can come from a whole range of sources. In a world saturated with images and messages it is important to recognize the most useful sources of advice are often closer to home than we think. The Power of the Journal I don’t often keep journals but I am aware of the power of Read more about Forgive the Past, Believe in the Future[…]