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Motivation for doing the Best for Ones Children

My last post was a reflective one and I’ve been thinking about other formative experiences I have had that set me on the course leading to where I am now. On a personal level, I am also probably seeking to reassure myself that I’ll make at least an ok parent. The Children’s Project I have been[…]

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Revitalising Projects (using SWOT)

Having various projects running over long periods of time can mean things fall by the wayside once the going gets tough or the novelty of newness wears off. I’ve found from my own experience that I will take up new interests, devote massive amounts of time and energy to them for several weeks or months[…]

Creativity and Dealing with Creative Block

Recognizing Creative Block Sometimes creativity flows out of us like its a kind of energy we are channelling. We put pen to paper, paintbrush to canvas or plectrum to guitar and bring to life something new, novel, exciting. This feels like the highest form of creativity, getting lost in the moment, forgetting everything else and[…]