Shadows in Park

Entering Parenthood and a New Mindfulness

Today marked one calendar month since the birth of my firstborn son. It’s been a ride so far, up and down, peaks and troughs, a blur of broken sleep and an overload of chores. The first two weeks were certainly the most challenging – in and out of two different hospitals as the poor baby had[…]

Wild River

Nature versus Technology – Mindfulness, Acceptance, Peace

The idea of nature versus the human and technological realm is deep-rooted in many contemporary ways of thinking. These ideas suppose that there is a separate and distinguishable realm of nature from that of human activity; that cities are unnatural, that humans live technologically enhanced lives, predominantly in cities and large settlements (rather than in tribal[…]

Prayer Mound

No-self : Interpretation of the Buddhist Idea of No Soul

No-self as a Concept Pretty much a decade ago, I read a book called ‘What the Buddha taught’ whilst travelling in Malaysia and the impact is still with me. While I’m not a practising Buddhist now, certain ideas have had a significant impact on my thought processes. Two notions, in particular, struck me as very[…]