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About CamZhu

My mission is to encourage people to develop creatively in whatever direction they choose, and to promote East-Asian ideas to help maintain good physical and mental health.

The word Zhu in Chinese means little hut, or place, so CamZhu roughly tanslates as Cam’s Place. The focus of the artwork involves Chinese characters and my writing tends to be inspired by the orient.

Chan on Colours

About Me


I am a digital artist, blogger and very occasional poet. I make digital art usually involving Chinese written characters in some way. Based in London, UK, I currently work full time for a social landlord and devote my free time to writing and artwork. You can see what I’ve been working on lately here.

I am currently writing longer form blog articles about increasing creativity and productivity. The overall aim is to promote mindfulness and build self-esteem. I have been involved with various creative pursuits to date. These include writing, cartooning, audio production, 3d modelling and digital art.




Digital Painting and Projects

I have learnt a lot about digital painting and art more generally from a professional artist named Aaron Rutten. I like his style and workflow and many of his videos are free to watch on his Youtube channel. A short bio of his and links to his products can be found by clicking here.

My first project involved creating a number of pieces of digital art to summarise a book on creativity and productivity. This book was called the Little Book of Thinking Big so I called the collection of pieces Thinking Big.


Articles which I have written as part of an ongoing project:

Creativity and Dealing with Creative Block
Exploring Spirituality
Forgive the Past, Believe in the Future





Chinese Calligraphy

Its not quite calligraphy but that word comes up over and over again when I explain to people what it is that I am trying to create with certain works. I have no background in traditional Chinese calligraphy. However, I like this; according to Stanley-Baker:

“Calligraphy is sheer life experienced through energy in motion that is registered as traces on silk or paper, with time and rhythm in shifting space its main ingredients.”

I plan to see if I can recreate this energy in motion although my medium is digital and my tools are electronic.



–  Cam