Stop up the openings; close the gates; blunt the sharpness; untangle the tangles; soften the glare; merge with the dust.

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About CamZhu

The word Zhu in Chinese means little hut, or place, so CamZhu roughly translates as Cam's Place. The focus of the artwork involves Chinese characters or esoteric symbols and my writing covers a range of topics.
My mission: to encourage increased creativity and productivity.

I am a digital artist, blogger and very occasional poet. I make digital art usually involving abstract patterns, symbols and/or Chinese written characters. Based in London, UK, I currently work full time for a social landlord and devote my free time to writing and artwork. You can see what I've been working on lately here.

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Last year I finished writing a journal style memoir of six months solo travel in South-East Asia. Available to buy as an ebook called 'Transiting':

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